Board of Directors

Our Directors


Somani Realtors Private Limited is headed by its three veteran directors namely Narayan Somani, Mahesh Somani and Rajesh Somani who are the stalwart of the organization.They share a combined rich and wide experience of two decades in the real estate business. Under their leadership Somani Realtors has grown exceptionaly. Over the years, Somani Realtors has become well known for embracing professionalism and efficient service. Their proficiency and astounding leadership skills have been successfully designing the back-bone of the company for the last 24 years. Along with their valuable insights and innovative ideas they are providing constant efforts towards the realization of their vision “HOME FOR ALL”.

Mr. Narayan Somani

A pleasing personality, a dedicated person and a very good human being, Mr. Narayan Somani, has been the group’s visionary. The success of Somani Realtors has been a result of his leadership
and in-depth industry experience. His vision and expertise has steered the company’s growth in
all spheres. Throughout the history of Somani Realtors he has focused on instilling values that has
helped to build a team that is resilient and high on integrity.

Mr. Mahesh Somani

A versatile, proficient and zealous personality, Mr. Mahesh Somani, has extensive real estate experience. His interventions have contributed significantly to the growth and success of Somani
Realtors. His dynamism is reflected in his determination to take the organization to greater heights.
The company gaining strong brand equity is a result of his everlasting passion for mounting greater
altitudes and setting even higher standards.



Mr. Rajesh Somani

A dynamic and immensely talented individual, Mr. Rajesh Somani, is a brilliant leader who brings to the Group excellent marketing expertise and business insight. His leadership and insight has
further strengthened the backbone of the company. He firmly believes that for the company
to be a leader, it must be clientele focused. He has inculcated a culture of excellence within the
company, which has given it’s people a competitive edge.