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This entire Universe is knitted with the flow of a certain cosmic energy which even Science accepts.

“Vaastu Shastra” is said to be the study of the flow of this cosmic energy as per the traditional Indian architectural practices. The entire concept of “Vaastu” deals with the basics of allocating and guiding the flow of energy as per the requirement in any property.

This Sanskrit word, “Vaastu,” means a dwelling or a house with a land if any. In today’s date this will include any kind of existing construction, residential or commercial, or any piece of land.

The study of Vaastu comprises of the 5 elements which comprise this universe, namely – Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Space or Sky. The flow of energy is said to be directly related to these 5 elements which make a direct impact on our lives, both physically and psychologically.

If things are properly shaped and well placed, as per Vaastu, the energy becomes positive, otherwise, the same energy turns into negative impacting the person or people occupying or using the place.

This Indian belief in Vaastu gets well reflected in the Chinese belief of “Feng Shui” on this same flow of energy which they call “Chi.” Many ancient civilizations across the globe believed on this flow of energy which is reflected in their architectural practices in many of their constructional epitomes.

With the evolution of the human race, our changing lifestyle has certainly made an impact on the rules of Vaastu and its basic principles. There were many elements in Vaastu which, practiced mandatorily even a century ago in India, are impossible to abide by in today’s world. For example, as per Vaastu, the toilet of a household should be outside the compound of the house itself. This is advocated as per the belief that excretes from human bodies release negative energy. So, the presence of the toilets inside the house will bring negative energy in the house.

Similarly, Vaastu advocates to keep the middle of the house to be open to sky. This, basically, is to let the Sun-rays, the primary source of all energy on Earth, to flow to all directions inside the house.  As per Vaastu, if these principles are followed, positive energy will remain balanced inside our dwelling place. We can see all these basic Vaastu principles implemented in the old constructions in many Indian cities and even villages.

But, in the current rapidly shrinking living spaces it is next to impossible to comply with these Vaastu norms. We must acknowledge that Vaastu, primarily, aims at the welfare of Humanity as a whole by guiding our prevalent ways of living. Thus, somewhere we have changed to accomodate Vaastu. And, somewhere Vaastu has also changed our changing lifestyle.

Vaastu principles, which are generally referred today, designate certain directions signifying the 5 elements of this universe. This helps us understanding which part of a land or a construction is best suited for what kind of usage.

Let us study which part of our house or land is ideally suited for which kind of a purpose as per Vaastu.

North-East: This is the zone designated for Water, a vital element of our living. Ideally structures storing water, tank, swimming pool, natural water body etc. are best suited for this place. With Sun rising exactly from North-East, this place is also meant for worshipping, i.e. Puja Room, paying homage to the Sun, the ultimate source of energy of the entire creation.

South-East: This zone, designated for Fire, provides vitality to our existence. Kitchen is ideal for this place. Fire leads us to the purification of Self and of Nature. Food, getting cooked in kitchen, acts as the fuel to the human body.

South-West: This zone is designated for Air which is constantly consumed by every living being without which survival is impossible. Ideally suited for the Master Bedroom, this part of the house remains warm for the longest time, as the Sun sets in this direction, adding vitality to the Master of the family ensuring proper growth and prosperity of the family.

North-West: This zone, as designated for Earth, symbolizes soil from which everything gets created and also goes back too. So, it is advocated to build toilets in this part of the house. Also, in a house, where there is no scope of having the kitchen in the south-east part, the north-west part is equally good to build the kitchen there.

Centre: This zone, designated for Sky or Space, is advised to be left without any construction if cannot be left open to sky.

There are many intricate advocacies in Vaastu which, most often, cannot be followed in today’s household or, basically, in a flat where modern India resides.

Vaastu, thus, also offers full solutions to most of the Vaastu imperfections. A basic solution which is widely followed across India is installing a silver wire around your main gate. Many believe that this corrects almost all kinds of Vaastu imperfections of any property.

Overall, these are some of the basics of Vaastu and also its solution which are generally followed across all different schools of Vaastu in India.

However, the beliefs in Vaastu vary widely within India itself. The advocacies in the north of India vary sharply with those of southern India. Something which is advocated as good in the north is taken as the opposite down south and also vice versa. People follow and practice a particular school of Vaastu, generally, as per the advocacies followed within the family through generations or within their known circle.

If you are one of those who believes in these ancient practices you may surely follow them. Yet, there are also many examples of such properties which have all negative features as per the Vaastu principles and yet the people using them have seen only growth across generations. Thus, there are many believers and also non-believers of Vaastu Shastra around us and they have their own valid reasons to support them.

Some say that more than any Vaastu what matters more is you yourself. If you can strive against all odds then nothing can stop from succeeding. A positive mindset and the zeal to achieve can fetch glories even way beyond one’s capacities across situations or Vaastu, to be specific.

This is the essence of Vaastu in the modern point of view. May your property bestow on you the best of health, wealth and happiness irrespective of your beliefs in Vaastu!