Residential Property Management

When we say the term Residential Property Management, we mean that at Somani Realtors we devote our efforts to attend to all your property requirements. We handle all your property matters with such expertise that it ensures the best possible deal for you by not only assisting you to find the right property but also help you to manage your property in the right manner to get profit of it.

Our Property Managers, are skilled professionals in this field and are exactly aware of the property related decisions you should make.So if you are not sure that you will be able to do it yourselves, the best would be to leave it to us as we shepherd ourselves in a wide range of real estate transactions in relation to all aspects of residential apartments, bunglows, individual homes or villas.

We have been able to create a niche for ourselves in this segment and like to bestow 360 degree lucrative business opportunities to provide the widest possible range of services to ensure that our investors can make a good amount of money against their investment.

Individual and Institutional Investors

We at Somani Realtors value all our clientele to grow and cherish their investment needs. Through our extensive expereince and knowledge in the real estate industry we provide individual as well as institutional investors with appropriate guidance on how to get best capital returns and yields.

Whether the investor is an individual or an institutional portfolio they are sure to appreciate our flexible and personal approach when guiding them through options. Reasonably, we indulge ourselves in knowing the exact requirement of the prospect and confer them accordingly. We originate far-reaching investment requirements to create a comprehensive prospect for the investors.

Thus ensuring that thier investment creates exceptional returns from the property and they are able to securely invest taking proper utilization of our simple and well defined investment strategies.


We at Somani, exercise deliberate research, consultancy, market knowledge and suggested expertise to guide our clientele in deriving a real estate solution.

Land Consultancy

Somani Realtors is a company with over twenty one years of relevant industry expereince which provides land consultancy services to our clients.Being concerned to make certain the success of your assets, our expert panel likes to direct you gladly regarding plausible flexible solutions to conquer the difficulties involved in land acquisition. Prior to meet the stake-holders and to execute post project analysis, we offer end-to-end solutions for every land management need in a well-organized way.

Legal Coordinating Service

Along with directing every necessary purpose-solving suggestion, we at Somani Realtors assist our associates in all aspects of Legal Co-ordinating service. Moderately, we are aiming to build a long-term relationship with our customers.

Financial Advocacy

Somani Realtors is associated with major Banks and renowned financial institutions. This helps us to cater home loan needs of our customers.

Valuations Abettor

Apart from all other services we also provide crossway solutions for valuation of their assets.

Advisory Services

  • Knowing Customer’s objective :

We believe that our experts truly understand the scopes and objectives of the investors along with their assets. As per consequence they convey better guidelines to the customers regarding their timely selling and buying decision.

  • Long term Relationships :

We believe success is achieved by the quality of service we offer and herein our long term relationship with the customers strengthens our business motives.

  • More than just a single transaction :

We deal with every transaction not merely as a single operation but the beginning of a long term relationship.