The directors of Somani Realtors, have infused the organisation with the concept of giving back to the society in whatever way possible. They along with their team are involved in a number of socially responsible activities. It is their belief that giving back to the society is their responsibility and their’s permeates every action they take. Their decisions ensure positive outcomes for not only their people but also for the entire community at large.

Some of the many initiatives of doing good and doing it well by the Somani Realtors team are their initiatives for the education of the not so privileged tribal children of Ghatshila, Jharkhand; Tree plantations in and around West Bengal; their contribution in the blood donation camps and supporting distribution of excess items of urbanites in remote tribal villages through Feed the Need, an initiative of The Art of Living Foundation.

Blood Donation Camps
Blood Donation is among the most genorous contributions, especially in a country which had been facing a shortage of few million units since decades. As an answer to curb such dearth, there are thousands of blood donation camps which are organized every year across the country, lest no one dies of its unavailability. In lieu of adding to this noble cause, we, at Somani Realtors, have been actively participating, as well as hosting several blood donation camps in Kolkata.

Tree Planation Drive
“The Earth Does not Belong to us, we belong to the earth”..
Trees are one of key ingredients to a cleaner, healthier and cooler environment. Cutting down of trees have been a major threat to the society, that has been lasting for decades. In order to curb this menace, we have been involved in various tree plantation drives in different parts of the city.